I want to share a testimony about my Nan’s dog called Roxy. She’s a Staffy X and is about 5 years old. Roxy is a lovely dog who loves attention and is a good guard dog for Nan who lives on her own.

Unfortunately Roxy fell ill with an immune system disorder in which her immune system identified her own muscle tissue as foreign and attacked it. Otherwise known as Masticatory Muscle Mucositis MMM. Luckily before it was too late she was put on prednisone. But by the time she was weaned off her medicine her face had sunk in at the top of her head as well as her jaw muscles. Prednisone was only the first stage that saved her. The second stage was recovery that started with patients, care and lots of spoiled love.

But her real improvement come with the introduction to Hyde’s Pet Food that my dad gets for our bull terrier “Steiny”. With a mix of Chicken, Hoki, Beef, Lamb, Liver, Green tripe and some additives like Livamol and Diatomaceous. Within a few weeks with her new diet Roxy become much more of her old self again. Able to jump up on the bed, walks with a bounce and has a little more play in her behaviour. And her face is regaining some fullness back having her look like a staffy again.

This wouldn’t be without the awesome raw meet diet she’s now on thanks to Hyde’s Pet Food. Many thanks.

Roxy Before

Roxy After

Lilly Billy

I’m a big fan of raw feeding. Lilly billy had seriously red raw skin on her under belly. She is quite the pink dog so it’s still a little extra red (still healing) as you can see in the photo. I’d been using Manuka cream and itchy skin shampoo which helped temporarily. Then hydrocortisone cream which wasn’t making much impact, we were on our second tube after seeing a very unhelpful and anti-raw feeding vet. Two weeks on raw feeding I could see a definite improvement, hair growing back, healing taking place. Stopped all treatments to be sure it was diet alone and here we are still watching improvement happening. I think we still have some tweaking required to get thing 100% but so pleased we jumped on-board the raw feeding train. Highly recommend Hyde’s Petfood lovely service, dropped right to my doorstep. Great variety all chopped and ready to go.

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