Premium Chicken Mince

Premium Chicken Mince


$82.00 / 25kg


Whole carcass minced through 5mm plate. Cut into approx. 1kg blocks. 80% meat. 20% bone. Includes egg yolk. No offal. Cut into approx 1 kg chunks.


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Our minced chicken is finely ground and made from whole carcasses. This means that offal and forming yolks are included. Minced chicken carcass add value of bone, meat, skin and fat while getting the nutritional values of vitamins B2, B3 & B6. Chicken is also a source of zinc and folic acid, is low in saturated fat and high in protein, niacin, selenium and phosphorus. A fantastic source of essential amino acids and glucosamine, chicken helps to build lean muscle mass and provides omega 6 fatty acids for beautiful coats and healthy skin. Cut into approx 1 kg chunks.

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