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Hyde's Raw Pet Food - Hyde and Bear

We’ve always had a keen interest in feeding our family healthy food. This extends to our 4 legged family so we started experimenting with raw feeding our dogs around 1986 when we got the first of our Bull Terriers.

Back then we ‘took on’ a bitch that had terrible skin issues as a result of a systemic secondary infection to see if we could help. It was a tall order although we eventually got her down to minimal veterinary intervention with the help of a natural diet, a controlled environment (cotton bedding etc) and regular washes.

It was the start of our mission to look after the dogs as naturally as possible, and since that time we’ve tried all sorts of raw food in all sorts of different combinations. The adults were always fed raw only, but it took a little longer to make a weaning mix that we were happy would be a complete food for our baby puppies.

Our dogs maintain prime condition on their raw diet (along with regular exercise) and we can boast that we have our 50th show champion on the way as well as 49 Bull Terrier Club Best in show awards over the years. If you are interested in our dogs, this is the website dedicated to them: www.bullterrier.co.nz

All products sourced from MPI approved facilities. Frozen unless otherwise specified. Hyde’s Pet Food are MPI listed as secondary pet food processers.


Heidi Holland (Hyde)

Resident Product Testers