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We specialize in selling raw food for owners who want the most natural way for their pets to be fed. Dogs are carnivores. The structure of their teeth, jaws and digestives systems are designed to deal with animal protein, not kibble. It makes sense to feed them what their bodies have been made for. A raw dog food diet can significantly improve your dog’s health and well-being. When dogs make the switch, their owners report many benefits. Your pets will love it!

We have been raw feeding our team of dogs for over 30 years. The benefits include health and longevity as well as keeping the costs down compared to a diet consisting of commercially prepared dog food. Benefits of feeding your pets raw food include: No preservatives, colours or artificial additives. Highly digestible. Improved teeth, oral health & breath. Improved digestion. Stronger immune system. Leaner body mass. Shinier coats. Increased vitality. Smaller stools. Less smell. Stronger immune systems. A natural meaty diet contains a wealth of high-quality proteins to support vitality and premium nutrition that promotes optimal muscle growth and efficient tissue repair.

It’s one of the most important decisions you can make for your pet. When you feed raw, you’re imitating your pet’s natural, species-appropriate diet, which helps your pet achieve optimal health, vibrancy, and longevity. Commercial pet diets can contain fillers that are not needed by cats or dogs. A digestible, nutritious raw diet high in moisture instead of unnecessary fillers are digested more efficiently. Try it and see the difference!

Benefits of a Raw Diet

Bone & Joint Health

A diet containing glucosamine and chondroitin is a great way to help keep your pet’s joints strong and fluid.

Jaw and Muscle Strength

Feeding bones and meat that can be chewed encourages the strength of the face, neck and shoulder muscles.

Dental Health

Your pets can clean their own teeth naturally. Offer them a fresh, meaty bone every day to encourage dental hygiene.

Skin and Coat

A natural, meaty diet is high in moisture which is the first step to achieving healthy skin and a luscious coat.

Immune System Health

By supplying premium nutrition, your pet’s body has more resources to utilise, strengthening the immune system.

Muscle Growth and Repair

A natural meaty diet contains proteins and nutrition that promotes optimal muscle growth and efficient tissue repair.

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